As a Public Relations and Marketing student I have commented on several blog posts below. I want to join in on the conversation – please engage with me! I invite you to check out these articles and throw in your two cents as well!

3) This comment is in reference to blog post by Nick Cicero, 11 Brands already using Video for Instagram. It is very interesting to see how businesses engage audiences using different forms of social media. In this particular comment I joined in on the conversation between Nick and marketing professional, David Foster. It will be exciting to see if I get any response!

2) This comment relates to blog post by Barb Jones, Create Messages that Stick. This article highlights the importance of creating clear and concise messaging.


1) The following comment pertains to an article, Playing the Ant by Rick Chambers, owner and president of Rick Chambers & Associates, LLC. Nice read, I recommend Public Relations professionals go take a look!